ROGER BUSSELL – California

Roger Bussell is in his 40’s mixed black/mexican man. He is a habitual liar and cheater who has no remorse for sleeping with a variety of women at any given time. He is a smooth talker and will say things like if he were to have children with anyone he would want to have them with you and he wants to introduce you to his mother. The fact of the matter is he can not love anyone because he does not love himself. He has slept with numerous women that know each other and are friends but does not seem to care how this may affect them whatsoever. Although he is half black himself and sleeps with black women he has no respect for the race and culture as upon discovery of his other women he used the “n” word several times as a degradation toward black women. He is also diseased and is a carrier of the hsv2 virus. Stay away ladies– he is no good and will never care for anyone on any real level.