Cheaters Rodney William Anderson

Rodney William Anderson – Minnesota

I was with Rodney William Anderson now of maple lake Mn and employed in Delano at a medical facility for three years. Our first conversation was that he had cheated on his ex wife of 24 years and that he would never do that to his family or friends ever again things progressed and a year later he moved into my home. in septermber of 2011 he started an affair with a 29 year old married girl named Bethany nordhus of waverly Mn self employed as a cleaner person I did not find out til the end of march 2012. He had told me he was stressed and having Weiner problems and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer which turns out to be from and std he gave me. Hpv. Which is why I did not catch. The affair. My father has Alzheimer’s and in the nursing home and when I was caring for him in the evening rodney was pickle tickling beth. I never had a clue. The day i found out him and i were out looking for our perfect farm to buy The saddest part is I am 33 and look like angelina jolie she is 29 and looks like Sarah Jessica Parker and he is a 48 year old man with a daughter her age that is trying to hive him grandbabys my advise and I found this out after he cheated on me and gave the std is avoid him at all cost he cheated not once on his ex but twice and me once that I know of. He will cheat on you I have no doubt and he was told by doctor he is a carrier of hpv. He is very charismatic. But you cant trust what comes out of his mouth be his friend but my advise nothing more. I am facing a hysterectomy now because of him. Be careful