Cheaters Robin Taylor Layfield

Robin Taylor Layfield — Seville, Georgia

So my finace and I have been together almost 4 years, and have a great relationship, we have had our ups and downs but all and all we were blessed.. We began planning our wedding in March of this year 2016, we had the Venue, the dresses ordered and were finishing up details like caterers and music for our upcoming wedding for November 2016…. That all fell apart when One homewrecking whore named Robin decided to message him on facebook..Here is some history they dated in 2009 briefly and never ever slept together back then it was mostly an online and phone relationship or LDR because they never resided in the same state…She went on had a kid and was suppose to get married but something happened and it fell through and since then, she has been changing men like underwear… Anyway he blocked her she created more facebook accounts, and he did talk to her (NOT DENYING THAT) He told her to grow up stop living with your mom and get a life, he also said some things that hurt me, he came clean and we are working out our issues currently.. Anyway she wouldnt stop,,,she kept messaging and saying she LOVED him and could never get over him after finding an old letter he wrote like 6 years ago! I finally contacted her and went off! She was such a pussy she wouldnt even talk to me, so I left voicemails and blew up her facebook page…The problem was severe, and after seeing those messages my fiance and I cancelled our wedding….We told the families the truth ( HIS MOM HATES HER FROM THE PAST) She put doubt in our relationship, and my trust is shattered, I love my fiance and we still live together and will get married one day but it will take alot of time to get over.. Here is what Robin wants ( a meal ticket, not to work and find a man to support her and her kid, she never has lived in the real world her mommy helps, and she needs to grow up, she is miserable and seeking revenge on anyone who who is happy..the old saying Misery loves company _ ROBIN TAYLOR LAYFIELD! The worst part At one time I felt sorry for her I even prayed she would find her happiness and someone that cared!…Now I just want the world to know this FAKE WANNA BE PRETEND SWEET COUNTRY nothing but a Homewrecker who doesn’t care about anyone but her own fat a$$!