Cheaters Robin Burns

Robin Burns — Braintree, Massechusetts

Robin the homewrecker Burms comes off as litle miss innocent. She was very aware the my husband was married. She had no problem sneaking around with him. When it finally came out she was proud of herself. My husband and I seperated for awhile. Is it called cheating when your boyfriend sleeps with his wife? A few times he wanted to reconcile and left her. We fought so much because of her that we could not stay together. He went back to her. She was buying him everything. I finally stopped fighting and stopped calling. He kept driving up my street with his radio blaring so I knew it was him. One day he came here before he went to work and beeped his horn. It was about 6 am. When I looked out and I saw his big brown eyes my heart melted. I love my husband. I asked him why he was doing this and he begged me to see him later. Later on he told me she would never compare to me. That he will never put me through that again. I could feel the energy was different. Robin is trash, she even went to a wedding and sat in the seat that had my name. She knew everytime we got back together. I do not understand how a woman can get involved with a married man who is still with his wife. She lied to him and told him I harrassed her. Did not have a call log or screen shot to prove it. She just wanted to cause problems. If I contacted her she would know it. She thinks shes better than me. Let her think that. I knew what she was and in the end she looks like trash! Be careful of Robin Burms she has alterior motives. I found out she had been contacting him for months before I found out. Robin get some self respect and integrity. Oh, and your own husband. My husband is back where he belongs. Yes he is at fault too but she is no bettter.