Cheaters Roberto (Robert) Trevino Bocage

Roberto (Robert) Trevino Bocage – Louisiana

This 31 year old acts like a child. He drinks way too much and expects for other people to pay for it. He is super cheap. Tries to take you on a trip and makes the other person pay. He thinks his d*** is big and amazing in bed. Too bad he is lazy and nasty. He doesn’t know proper hygiene like brushing his teeth or showering daily. He will yell at you and assault you and of course beg for forgiveness. Which is just a joke. He’s sorry after anything he does. He is the worst communicator on the planet and can barely call or text. He has a problem keeping a job and works through a “family friend” in Darrow/ Baton Rouge at Bocage Plantation being a tour guide for a bed and breakfast. He lies about his salary and even gets free food and rent there. But still always broke. He is a wanna-be cowboy but cannot go out because of his criminal history and unable to acquire and up-to-date ID. In the state of Texas or Louisiana. He will stick his sorry d*** in anything. He has never been faithful, cheating on every girlfriend he’s ever had. No one will be with this loser or put up with this drunk cheating child. Maybe he can find a girlfriend in another city but that’s it. He has several names for the girls he cheats with. Maybe code names?! So they don’t get his a** in trouble?! He will get drunk every night and yell at you for no reason. He’ll eventually do it sober too. He has nothing to show for his 31 years of life and has no bills whatsoever. The only thing he has is a “97 model Volvo that he bought from his sister for $1000 and a pitbull. He is sloppy so it’s very easy to catch him cheating or in a lie. He is a pathological liar. Nothing he ever says is true. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He frequents country bars in Houston. But, currently in Darrow, LA can only get in to Pelicans Pub because his ID is expired and not even his, but his twin brothers’. He went to jail in April for being intoxicated in public and already has a DWI behind his belt too. He doesn’t take care of himself or anything he owns. This selfish bastard is no good! Do not go around him or his place of work. He comes off all nice and charming, but is the biggest piece of s*** on the planet! He’s louisianas’ newest scumbag low-life cheating man w****. He’ll deny this is all true. Don’t believe him. He’s harmful. He’s a chubby chaser too!