Canada Robert Po-Chien Lo

Robert Po-Chien Lo — Vancouver, Canada

Please beware of this serial cheater!! He may be in the Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada right now or in Taiwan. He also travels to Hamilton and Pittsburgh once in a while as he has connections there. He was MARRIED and had four other girlfriends on the side, not including the prostitute he slept with in Korea and the many other one night stands that he had throughout his marriage. Please note that MOST of the girls he got into a relationship with are not homewreckers and are INNOCENT. He LIED to most of the girls he got into a relationship with about being single. He is also a very good actor and liar (I believe based on his actions that he was EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE to a few of the girls as well). He will cry to make you think he really does feel guilty about his actions, but then he will keep cheating on you. He will get mad at you and call you unreasonable and paranoid when you question his whereabouts after having been caught cheating before. He will make up lies about you to make him seem like the victim. He will try to blame you for his cheating. After he was caught by the girls he cheated on, he told lies to each of the girls to turn them against each other rather than focus the anger on him. He told lies to try and make the innocent girls afraid of each other and turn on each other (ie: saying they are bipolar and that they have a “record”, which are all untrue), so he doesn’t have to worry about the girls anymore while he goes on to do whatever he wants. His family owns private schools in Taiwan, CICT (加拿大哥倫比亞中學), in connection with Hanyin Group or Hanyin Education Consulting Inc. (漢英留學顧問公司). Websites: (, (, ( This is important because he has sent a shirtless photo of himself to a female student from his school. He has since deleted the photo from his chat. He was 28 and since their private school is a high school, I am assuming the girl was a high school student. If you are in Taiwan or know anyone from Taiwan, please tell them to be aware of this school! If you think it is only him that is the problem, it’s not. It is his WHOLE family. His dad, Allan Lo’s mentality is that “Guys will be guys. They will play around, but in the end, what’s important is if they go back to you and their family”. His mom, Christina Chang’s thought that the girls he cheated on were not good enough for him and did not understand why he would even like those girls. His first younger sister, Winnie Lo, had asked him if one of the girls knew he was married before going out with him and when he replied no, Winnie replied with a “Oh, that’s no fun. I don’t want to know then”. His youngest sister, Annie Lo, had told him to be more careful or he would get caught. Note: these are heresay, but no reason for the sources to lie. Some came from Robert himself. If he ever denies this later, remember he lies a lot. Yes, what he said originally could be the lie, but he still said it. Regardless, with his family’s mindset on cheating and infidelity, I would not want to put our future generation’s education in their hands. I would not want to expose my children to them, especially Robert Lo, who went as far as sending a shirtless photo of himself to a young high school student. Disclaimer: I write this in attempt to prevent future victims only. I tried to write as objectively as possible without exaggerating the circumstances. Nothing I wrote was made up. His family appears to be quite powerful and influential in Taiwan, and even in Vancouver with the Taiwanese community (his mom was the president of the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce), but I still feel like I need to warn people. Please try to stay away from this family.