Cheaters Robert Pflieger

Robert Pflieger – Oregon

I started a relationship with Rob about three years ago. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and thought I found a knight in shining armor. Well if a lazy, jobless expensive liar is what you want feel free to take him. He lied from the get go about where he was going while I was at work, HE never had a job until recently, which his mommy paid for him to get his contractors licence. Did I mention he lives in the garage on his moms property and that he is 45? no, well this ones a reall winner. I found him sending d*** pictures on FB, calling and hooking up with his ex’s, he was still on dating sites and hooking up with anyone who will send him an email. So This bastard is a real POS. He made me feel like I was doing something wrong when i went to work to support his a**, he never let me go out with friends and always made me feel like I was a bad person, well its true what they say, guilt makes you blame the other person. So SCREW YOU ROB, I hope you get an STD and rot in hell. Did I mention he is the most self absorbed man I have ever met? he fake tans, dyes his hair, and spends more money at Sallys Beauty supply in a week then i have in my life. He is faker then a barbie… high maintenence princess PS. you cant f*** to save your life, I couldn’t stand faking it anymore anyway.