Cheaters Robert Mack Sr

Robert Mack Sr – Connecticut

I read a lot of things you peopl are saying about Bob and the things that makes me laugh at all you silly grown a** women is what are you making yourself look stupid. I seen him the other day and wow… I don’t know what kinds of drugs he’s doing whatever it is he needs to stop. He looks like a stuffed dog. When I seen him his shirt was so tight it looks like he should have on a bra. Who wants a man who doesn’t take pride in himself. I guess whichever one of you he’s with don’t care what he looks like. It also looks as though he’s still on the prowl cause he looked a little confused to me. It’s a damn shame how a man can just let himself become a zero..But you know what they say… Big dogs attract more fleas and fleas will suck the blood right out of you.