California Robert M Phillips I

Robert M Phillips II – California

I was lied to from before we met in person. He told me he had been divorced 6-7 years after a 23 year marriage after I told him about my “getting over my baggage” time from my past marriage. I had been single over 4 years at the time. He actually was only divorces about a year!!!! He lied to me about her and their divorce as well as why he had not seen his kids.

We courted on/off for 3 years and he never came out with the truth. I asked why he was still paying spousal support after the “statute time” of 1/2 the term of the marriage. I was told he just didn’t have time to deal with it. He said she had a restraining order against him which is why he didn’t see the kids. He said that his atty. said to “wait it out” a bit. That day never came after our own 5 year marriage which was filled with lies, cheating and physical as well as emotional abuse. Yes, I was hit twice and pushed hard once. He blamed me for everything. I finally found a photo of a totally naked women on a bed, legs spread, leaving NOTHING to the imagination. We all know photos are stored chronologically on phones. He had the gall to tell me someone sent it to him a long, long, long time ago. All he had to say is he was sorry I saw it.. NO KIDDING. I’d be sorry a spouse saw something like that as well, especially when it was taken that weak when he just came home from his WEEKLY business trips away. Well, you can guess he was probably cheating. as it comes out, his kids told me he had cheated for YEARS on his ex of 23 years as well, which is WHY his kids want nothing to do with him.