Cheaters Robert Dale Smith

Robert Dale Smith – Iowa

Robert and I were together for 7 years. We always joked around about a girl he worked with, Heather Davis, being his “work wife” and she came to our sons sporting events, she and her husband babysat our kids, and we were all friends. I found out he was cheating on me with her shortly after our 3rd son was born. To this day he still denies the relationship but she left her husband and a beautiful life to live in an apartment with him, the math is clear. He still tells me he loves me and that she is just a fat, ugly w**** he is using to pay bills. When people send me pics of them happy together he says hes just making the best of a bad situation, but then he misses our children’s important events, like neurosurgery, to be with her and her son, Zander, who is the same age as our youngest. He cheated on me with her, then on her with me. They are both horrible people. He hasn’t contacted his kids in 2 months and I get to listen to my now 3 yr old cry because he misses his daddy. I’m glad he finally made his decision on who he wants to be with but sorry that my kids no longer have a father. Good luck and best wishes to the “happy” couple.