Cheaters Robert ColSon

Robert ColSon – New Jersey

I first met Robert( I call him rob) at a club back in 2010. We started dating the week after we met. Everything was good at first,like how it is for a lot of relationships but here and there we would hit a bump in the road. Now when I met him he ‘was’ the CEO of BishopWorldWide and he told me when we first met that he was rich and that he was a bishop and also that his brother was Rodney jerkins. Being me I didn’t believe him until he proved me wrong. Now as we started dating i think it was around march 2011 that he got audit by the IRS and then his bank accounts got frozen cause they could figure out where a lot of his money came from. So he went from rich to broke all in a month. If I was a good digger I would have left him by then but I didn’t cause I loved him and wanted to help him, so I did what I could for him. From 2011 to 2012 our relationship was hot and cold and by the end of 2012 I was ready to call it quits but he talked me out of leaving him. I wanted to leave in December 2012 cause he just wouldn’t do anything for me and I had a gut feeling that he was cheating on me but at the time I couldn’t prove it. So since I still loved him I gave him another chance, since he said he wanted to start this year off fresh with me( That’s in our Facebook messages to each other) I had accused him of cheating on me and he said that was a fool to believe that because he loved me and only me. I believed him. Foolish me. Now here’s comes June 18, 2013 I drive to his house in new Jersey ( not calling him ahead like he always wanted me to do) I get there and since his door was opened I walked right on in and saw his family members sitting around. So I sat down to do my make up just to have this ugly b**** towanna( ghetto name,I know) come as me who was i. So I told her that I was rob girlfriend and out of the whores mouth comes ” I’m his girlfriend and have been since December” I’m looking at it like really!! This motherfucking cheater on me with a busted down hood rat. Not only that but moved her into the house I was suppose to move into with him. So I schooled the thing on my relationship with rob. To say that she was mad is an understatement. So I stayed at the house waiting for rob to come back but being the weak b**** that he is didn’t come back to face me and her. The thing wanted him to tell me off so she could see that he didn’t love me but rob never came home. So I keep trying to get him to meet me but he kept giving me fake address and kept giving me the run around. So his cousin and I found him at the gas station and he had a different b**** in the car. So I get out and he all smiling and what not, trying to play it off. So I asked him if he loved her. He wouldn’t answer me, so I asked if he had a gf and he said he didn’t have a girlfriend and he didn’t know what I was talking about. He said that towanna wasn’t his girlfriend but that she was his cousin( the girl I was with) girlfriend. I didn’t believe him. I punched him. He got in his broke down car and left and I followed him to see where he was going and he tried dodging me. I let him leave and I drove his cousin and brother back to his ugly a** house and he was telling them that I was this and that. It took all my might not to do something bad to him. Rob Colson the church man,faithful man,was anything but. He broke my heart and to not any balls to come up too me and tell me that you don’t love me anymore and that the relationship is over shows how less of a man he really is. He is a liar, cheater, thief, con artist, he is just a bad man inside and out. After 3 yrs he couldn’t even break up with me like a real man should do. Rob lives at 220 Walden Dr in bridgeton, nj. The house that he lives in isn’t his. so dont believe him if he tells you otherwise. he has no income. He spends his money at the strip clubs and prostitutes ( that’s one of the reasons he is broke all the time. He sleeps with everyone chick raw. His excuse is that he is allergic to condoms Lol such a lie. He is fat cause all he does is eat. I hate Robert Colson for doing me dirty