Cheaters Robert Brown aka Bobby Brown of

Robert Brown aka Bobby Brown of – Oklahoma

Bobby has probably 5 different personalities. It might possibly be due to the variety of drugs that he snorts or takes? He can’t do anything fun unless he has cocaine up his nose. He hides it well. He has no problem cheating on someone then telling them that he loves them and denies his actions. He has no problem paying for sex,prostitues. You can find him on some sugar daddy websites. Funny thing is, his equipment is broke. Viagra isn’t even his friend. If his equipment somewhat works, its still a waste of time. So boring. He can’t tell the truth about ANYTHING. Tells extravagant stories of how he was screwed over when he was the one trying to hook up with whatever he can touch. He tried to cheat on his wife of 3 months, on her birthday, with her best friend, while she was in the same house. He is a joke and one nasty-dirty greedy waste of time. He should be in a straight jacket. He destroys people’s souls and lives.