ROBERT "BRANDON" – Minnesota

Robert Brandon Commodore goes by Brandon. Lives in Minneapolis Minnesota a struggling musician and struggling music teacher that has his own band. They’re lame and is a touring drummer for a washed up band that’s trying to make a come back with the lead singer solo debut. BRANDON is a liar and loves to live two lives. He is married and meet woman and lies and doesn’t tell them that. Continuously cheats on his wife and gets women pregnant and she takes him back every time. BRANDON is a manipulative lying Bastard who only cares about himself
His sociopath behavior is charming but ladies beware he’s married and lives off his wife because he doesn’t have a real job or real income he pretends. He’s a sick Bastard and he has the whole Minneapolis fool like he’s a good person. He has a lying problem and never will change with his double life living. His wife is naive and a dummy and is under his spell of lies and deceitful behavior. He’s an a****** and don’t give two fucks about anyone but himself. Beware of this manipulative lying Bastard.