Cheaters Rob Petras

Rob Petras – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rob Petras is from Pittsburgh, PA now lives in Conway, SC. He has a girlfriend in Cannonsburg, PA that spoke to him everyday while he was in prison for 3 years for multiple shoplifting charges and robbing a bank. He got out of prison in October 2016 and tells people he was trafficking. He doesn’t have insurance on his vehicle and you have to pick him up at his grandmas house and take him home. He is a drug addict as well and likes to party. I met him on but heard he is on His story is that he had a 3yr son that passed away, a gf of 5yrs that got into a car accident and died, he was in a boating accident and in a coma for 3 months. Unable to confirm any of it. He will leach onto a woman on a dating website and then tell you he loves you after 2 days and uninstalls the dating app because he doesn’t use it or need it anymore because he met you. I ended things with him after a month and told his girlfriend everything along with pictures and texts for proof and she took him back. I was basically called every dirty name you could imagine by both of them. I believe she is brainwashed and crazy because she is a mother to a young child and allowed a felon into her home for 5 nights for Christmas break while he went to visit her. They both are drug addicts and feed off each other. I believe they both enjoy him sleeping around and she claims that she won him when he doesn’t leave her for another woman. Meanwhile i ended things with his liar, loser, criminal and small d*** a** and told his gf about what he was about and she still stayed with him. I was sent explicit pictures and videos of the 2 of them late Christmas night. My concern was where was her young daughter while she had a felon in her home while they both drank and did drugs on Christmas night. Any woman that would choose this type of man over spending time with their daughter is low class. They are both made for each other. BEWARE!