Cheaters Rob Mitchell

Rob Mitchell – Florida

Ocala ,Bellview, Spanish Springs, The Villages,Known this guy for years, Comical He is on this site several times. Tough guy thinking he was better than all of us. Givin us Men a bad name. Through the years I have know and heard of him being with many types of women. Skinny, Fat, old, young ,beautiful, ugly I don’t think he cares. One thing all his women always worked hard. I have seen this guy bounce around restaurants for years. The sad thing is Several times we were golfing in a group or even worked together for a short time This Guy Never praised his woman, acknowledged them . I kinda wanted to be like this dude then being around him after awhile I realized he was arrogant and would belittle me not realizing or caring how he made me feel. I stopped putting myself around him and lost contact the last couple years. I’m a real man I work Hard and so does my fiance I could not do it with out her and I cherish Her everyday. I could never hurt this women and she stands with me no matter what. I am grateful she has never been used or hurt like I have read in some of these post. It sickens me to even think Someone could have used or hurt her before I came along. Made me really ashamed I wanted to be like a person who has disrespected and hurt These women.