Cheaters Rita Karpavencinen

Rita Karpavencinen — Lisle, Illinois

My story starts 25 years ago. This year would have been the year of my 25th anniversary with the love of my life Roberto. I nearly instantly fell in love with Roberto, he was my Desi. And I thought I was his Lucy. Our relationship took off quickly, and I knew he was my soulmate. Of course that didn’t protect us from problems, especially since we were born in different countries with vastly different cultures. I loved him like no one else, and hung on through the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Neither of us were perfect, but I feel I endured more heartache from his sometime narcsistic behavior. But I loved him with all my heart and soul. We grew up together. He hurt me but also made me better. I supported him for some years financially through a drug problem, and compromised myself out of love. I was there in sickness in health in all the good bad ugly. I ended up not being able to have children because I waited for him to stop using drugs. And he did, but I went into a very early menopause. He is all the family I had. I took care of my dying Dad and 2 Days before he died I had suspicions and caught Roberto with Rita Karpavecienen at a hotel. She was married too, I found out later. He didn’t leave me we worked it out and I thought things were so much better I decided to forgive all the past trauma he put me through, he was finally doing well financially, is clean drug free and finally me and my baby will have all our dreams come true. , I thought we were happy. But home wrecker just couldn’t let go, she opened a fake facebook account and kept in touch, unbeknownst to me and her husband. After my Dads death, his cheating with her and a high blood pressure med I was put on, I was very depressed as the med gave me brain neurological issues I didn’t know it was the cause of. I was suffering I needed Roberto more then ever. This was my “thin” I needed him to be there for me. But home wrecker couldn’t let go. I found out they were communicating on facebook. I warned her,he is my whole life, you have your son and husband, leave mine alone. She didn’t and off into the sunset they went. I feel it ruined my life. All my dreams gone. All alone and we only made it to our 23 years. Funny he and I have never stopped talking little does she know, but if she wouldn’t have come into the picture we would have worked it out. I know.