Cheaters Risa Wilson

Risa Wilson — New York, New York

I am a former co-worker of this scavenger. I would hear her repeatedly brag about her married “husband ””. I know she has a young child by this man if it’s even his child. I have had this happen to me and wish someone would have called both parties out. Instead my marriage failed and i know that this man is married with children. It’s weird how this female looks at herself as being ethical and moral but she is actually the complete opposite. How are you married to a married man? I don’t understand it. She is just as delusional as the next home wrecker. They really believe that they high self esteem because a married man is chasing them around and they actually have children together. I despise the fact that this woman is so audacious and will be glad if and when the wife finds out about it if she doesn’t know already. Ads by Revcontent From The Web Philadelphia Seniors Making $817.22 With This Trick (Watch It Tonight) Job News She’s a Mega Trump Supporter Now, Here’s Why PollHype Comments Leave A Comment Your email address will not be published.