Cheaters Rihab Hussein

Rihab Hussein — Bridgeport, Connecticut

please tell Rihab Hussein she needs to get a life. Nobody works at MAC for many years. People leave! It is a retail job! Nobody stays in retail forever! She brags about being a makeup artist when she can’t even apply makeup well. She uses heavy filters and ugly blue contact lenses. She looks like a man in drag!!! She has a nasty attitude because she is insecure. She is married to an ugly guy with ugly kids. Yet,she goes online and tries to flirt with men. She doesn’t state that she is married either!!!! All married people claim their spouses on social media. But she is acting single online because she knows she married an ugly man and she is insecure about her family. She deletes photos of her kids too! She is even insecure about them! As bad as that sounds!!!!She tries to get attention online! That’s how insecure she is. Not even a man with the lowest standards would look her way! Sh better point her dangling dildo looking nose the other direction. Even with all the filters,photoshop and miracles she puts into her profile photos everyday, she is still ugly! She is no natural beauty. She has beety ugly eyes, a huge nose and lizard lips. She always has an evil look on her face as well, because her life sucks! she is over 40 and still working at MAC cosmetics!!! the nerve of her to steal Rihanna’s nickname! you will never be Rihanna! Even when Rihab takes photos of her kids, her body language is off. She is turned away from them! like she is embarassed of them. The nerve of her, when she looks like a damn cartoon character with her goofy face and features. She thinks men are checking for her! but no man wants her or fantasizes about her. Her and the likes of her. I know Ontario has a couple of Sudanese hags like her! birds of a feather flock together. I believe she has had a nose job, but it did nothing for her because her nose still looks like a flaccid penis.