Canada Ricky Nix

Ricky Nix — Windsor, Canada

Richy nix aka Richard Giasson is this towns biggest monster. He lies about anything and everything just to promote his shitty much. He want as far as making a false complaint to police about a girl out of revenge, he got in trouble and the complaint held no weight. His stories don’t add up, if we’re true don’t you think Windsor Star would have reported on it? Or on Windsor police page? He ruined a young girls life with lies just out of revenge and to promote his music. He deals drugs out of Polaris Recording Studio on Drioullard he also brings girls there to try and impress them gets them drunk and high and f*cks him. He’s also cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had.He was dating escort Ali poupard while dating someone else now he’s dating m*th head GILLAN FARRAH from Bourbon. I don’t think he’s capable of ever telling the truth his whole life is a big lie. He also scammed a woman out of 4K, he will tell you he loves you and your his everything, don’t trust this loser. He tries convincing a girl to commit suicide and still does. His online persona is bs. He stressed out a pregnant woman so much she lost the baby. He stole 4K, he lied about an innocent person. He posts said innocent person up with some lies to promote his music. He got a woman fired from her job. He made someone loose their home. He cheats he lies. This is the real Richy nix. If you don’t not want your life ruined stay away.