California Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds – California

Rick tells women he has a terrible home life caring for his child and ex wife with cancer..he claims to work 65 hours a week. The truth is none of this is true. He sleeps with both of his ex-wives. He brings women to their houses when they are out of town, saying he’s just friends because they are his only family. Rick is very convincing grooming his victims for months on end. He leads women to believe he wants a relationship and future with them. He tells this to multiple women at a time. He picks up women on all the free dating sites and free sex sites. I had his phone and he was sending and receiving sexual texts from more than 8 women at once. He admits to having multiple sexual relationships at a time and says it’s ok because he us single. Yet he leads women to believe they are in a committed relationship. He led these women to believe he was faithful to them and leading them to believe he wanted a future with them. All of this is lies. He is a pathological liar and sociopath. Do not be deceived by his stories of mental abuse from the wife he lives with it’s not true. He says he can’t leave her because his daughter is afraid she’ll die of cancer. Again not true. His ex wife Stephanie doesn’t have cancer. Rick drives bug trucks for a living, is 6.2 shaved head, blue eyes a tattoo on each arm, is 42 when this was posted, he’s a Gemini. He had a trucking company called rick reynolds trucking. Lives in San Jose and Santa Cruz.