Cheaters Rick Dugo

Rick Dugo – Chicago, Illinois

I have held this in for a year now and it’s time to speak up! RICKY DUGO [redacted phone number] Chicago. After I put my heart and soul into tattooing a St.Michaels half sleeve on him Rick pretended to be a new friend to Me and my 2 coworkers. Flashing his nice cars and taking them out on what we though was his nice yellow cigarette boat. ▪ After he knew he had us drooling over the fake life he convinced us he had owning 7 car washes and a car wash in every trump tower. He proposed a “deal” that he does every year to make a good chunk of money he has. ▪Long story short he said we were buying TVs at half price and selling them to someone he knows opening a chain of restaurants at full price. I normally wouldn’t fall for something like this but he has websites and lots of “proof” and just like any normal “friend” saying they want to help you, we believed him…. ▪I gave him all the money I had… including all the money I had saved up to finally open my dream tattoo shop that was just a couple months away. He promised a 6 day turn around. Anything we put in was doubled. So I put in $10,000 cash expecting to get $20,000 in 6 days so then I would have most of the money I needed to open my new shop. (I know if it’s to good to be true then it prob is) but I thought this was a friend helping me complete my dream I had been telling him about. He also got $1,000 from my girlfriend Kasie, $9,000 from my co workers. One had to file bankruptcy and lost everything he had including his home and he has children. The other had to move back home to Ohio because he was out of money. ▪This is all very embarrassing so please save all the “should of known better ” comments because believe me I know. There is way more details to this story than I can type. Everyone makes mistakes in life and trusting This CROOK was one of my biggest. ▪I have hustled harder then I ever have the past year to keep myself and my dreams a float staying positive and couldn’t of got through it if it wasn’t for all of my family friends clients and fans. All of your constant love and support of myself and tattoos has what kept me going and helped me reach many goals I have set for myself to conquer this nightmare and build myself stronger from it. ▪”Money is just money and I still have my hands and feet and I woke up this morning so it’s still a wonderful day. 🙂 ” ▪Please share this post so other won’t get scammed by this Piece of Sh*t. He is poison and has effected my life everyday every hour for the past year. Once again his number is [redacted phone number] feel free to blow his sh*t up. He doesn’t have Facebook because he deleted it after scamming so many people. Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Russell James He currently resides in Vernon Hills