Cheaters Richard Wayne Emory “Tubby” of Moorseboro

Richard Wayne Emory “Tubby” of Moorseboro – North Carolina

I have been with this man Richard Wayne Emory “Tubby” of Moorseboro NC for 10 years has cheated on me for sometime sending naked pics to my daughter. Was seeing a women for who knows how long while we were still married. Wants to lie to everyone an thinks he can con everybody. You should beware he is controlling a cheat an verbally abusive. He starts off sweet as can be an then gets you in an it all starts. First he will try to control where you go and harass you until you come home. Even though you are driving your own car. So Dawn Allen be careful!!!! I lived with him for 7 years an married for 2 1/2 years. Raised his kids for 5 of those years.