AFTER 2 YEARS OF HIM PROMISING ME HES BEEN LOYAL. Been with RICHARD OGBURN OFF AND ON FOR 11 years. The first time I left him because he cheated on me with this nothing A** B**** Dominique Robinson. She loved playing the side chick. So much so that she decided 4 years later to do it again. I think she’s secretly been there the whole time. How I found out he was with her. Lol. He sends me a text saying he’s on a program rehab for his alcoholism. I told him I didn’t believe him , so send me a picture. This idiot sends me a picture not realizing the reflection off the glass gives me a few of him and her. I enhanced it and low and behold it was her. I sent it to him and cursed him. And haven’t heard from him since . This all happened today Btw