Cheaters Richard Myers

Richard Myers – North Carolina

I dated Richard Myers in Durham, NC for nearly a year, caught him in bed with another woman. He is sneaky and seems like a good guy, claims on his online profiles he is “honest”. One profile says he is willing to fib about how the prospective person and he met. Trust me, that isnt all he is willing to fib about. The way I caught him was he told me he was going to a church function with his daughter (I never knew him to go near a church before) and he made a point of stressing several times in the conversation that he wouldnt be available that evening as they might be late. I texted later, no answer, so I called. His phone was off so I went to his house, a strange car was in the driveway, I rang the doorbell and he came to the door nude! I went in and there was a woman’s purse on the couch, which he tried to sit on to hide. When I confronted him he finally admitted that he was with someone but had enough nerve to make it seem like my fault he is a no good lying bastard. He made excuses to be busy or unavailable…I believe he was cheating the whole time I dated him.