Cheaters Richard Bell

Richard Bell – Michigan

Black Male location Michigan, serial bigamist adulterer. Scams women off dating sites. Hires prostitutes and is also a former John. He is a narcissist psychopath and is abusive. Has multiple wives. He blames all women never is accountable. He hides behind the church but is a warlock so he claims. He uses the bible to throw verses at people and attack them with spiritual warfare

He his dangerous. He travels between san diego high prostitution area he favorite stomping grounds .. Modesto California etc..Michigan, north Carolina, Ohio, new Mexico, Las Vegas…every 6 months to a year he heads the route when he needs a vehicle, shelter items… and his new supply your replacement is always readily avail..he is usually homeless lurks on dating sites black people meet and craigs list…he pays for blow jobs from men and women…he is very dangerous to your mental health and puts his hands on women…run if you see him…please stay safe! He makes up stories about people to hide behind his mask but it’s off he does not hide well..he is exposed and anyone can see him and he is paranoid and delusional..make sure you take a good look at him..if your stomach turns when you meet him it’s your intuition saying run and run fast he is a very bad man who ruins lives!!