Arkansas Rhonda Wofford

Rhonda Wofford – Arkansas

I’m exposing Rhonda Wofford she been having affair with my DAD. If that not bad enough she has the nerve to bust out my moms head lights and cut tires on her car. I been leaving the posting on social media sites to my younger sister. But after my sis sent me a screenshot of this THOT posting on social sites talking about my mother full on war is what’s she gets. This trick 45 years old and u think she be to old for the hoer ish. My dad admitted to the affair with this hoer. The parents went to Hawaii for their anniversary and my mom posted on Facebook and I guess the word got out to hoer. She cut the tires on my mom car and busted out the tail lights. This crazy hoe has a hair salon in little rock, AR Shear Illusions. The name says it all illusions that my dad would leave his wife for you. As my lil sis says be aware of this hoe. She likes married men one you ladies sitting in her chair having small talk she be laying up your man next. I’m a stylist myself so I know when clients get comfortable they start talking. Ladies don’t trust this woman she trying her best to destroy my parents marriage. My dad was wrong to we know that. Most women try stay out way of wife, this one trying to be wife. Crazy delusional desperate is what Rhonda Wofford is.

Cheaters Rhonda Wofford

Rhonda Wofford — Chicago, Illinois

Rhonda is having an affair with my dad. I found out when we were traveling to my Grandma’s in Chicago and I had his phone because mine was dead. I talked to my cousins about it and they were like send her message. I did, she called me B$$$H… I told my dad and he says well, you should not contact grown women.

SO I decided to expose her on all the social media and every site that I can find. Because she’s a homewrecker THOT that needs to be exposed. Now Ms. Rhonda who’s dumb? I told you I have better resources NOW.