Cheaters Rhonda Nix

Rhonda Nix — Blairsville, Georgia

She chose to go after a married man who she worked with. She sent naked pictures of herself through Snapchat, guess she figured she couldn’t get caught by going through Snapchat. She used her sad life as a way to get him to feel sorry for her and was quick to open her legs to him when he became weak. She knew full well he was married with 4 sons at home but I guess the challenge of breaking up a marriage was to much to resist. Supposedly she has quit Avigen but I am sure she will go after any married man she works with at whatever job she takes. Look out ladies she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I guess because her life is pathetic and she can’t keep a man she can’t stand any married woman to be happy so she ruins marriages to make herself feel better. Don’t expect her to take responsibility for her actions though cause she is quick to try and lie her way out of things…but evidence does not lie.