Cheaters Rhonda Marie Dodge

Rhonda Marie Dodge — Elizabeth, Indiana

SHE CAUSE A BREAK UP OF A 29 YEAR MARRIAGE these people been married 29 years been together 30. He walked out on his wife rather than stay home and face what he done. while she gets to keep her job and feel no regret for what she has done. SHE OPENLY ADMITTED she did not care about his wife or 3 small children at hime and pursued a married man. Its not the first time she has done it and I am sure it wont be the last…. the devastation done to the wife can in no way be comprehended or explained in any words. I can assure you that man was her everything her life line her best friend….  i know the wife cotacted her on facebook and she just blocker,,would not explain why she pursured a married man and detroyed their home. feel free to look her up on facebook or horse ..give her a pat on the back for being a heartless bitch for not caring about the pain she caused the wife and kids…like Rhonda Marie Dodge said she don’t care about them.