California Renne Hom

Renne Hom – California

This is mainly b******* made up by AJ, a vengeful Caucasian boy, to purposely hurt me and tarnish my image. He wasn’t thinking straight at the time to resort to such a compulsive action in bringing the problem to public attention when he was being immature in handling it, which could’ve been dealt with in private like civilized, mature adults. Some things needed to be said or told in private messages to clear misunderstandings and to get the truth across based on what I’d witnessed. This slandering, responsive attempt to try to make me look bad isn’t an appropriate way to go about solving the problem.His young girlfriend, Lauren Rice, wasn’t in the right either to get herself involved in the problem that’s only between me and him and even bashed me for him being hurt, which is his own problem to face himself when I had already moved on. There are two, even three, sides to a story. She only heard his side and didn’t bother to hear my side of the story before jumping to conclusions and believed every single thing he said to make me out to be the bad guy when he had done some wrong himself.