California Renie Saliba

Renie Saliba – Los Angeles, California

Meet Renie Saliba – Model Scout/ Photographer/ Sexual Predator and agent at PMA Marketing and Communications agency . Having worked in the industry for over 15 years , Renie has built his mainstream image working as a Fashion Photographer.He has worked with several renown clients such as Elle Magazine, L’Officiel Homme Magazine, August Man Magazine,Women’s Wear Daily, GQ, and Dsection Magazine to name a few. He has also had the opportunity of shooting models such as Sean Opry, Francisco Lachoski , and celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Keilan Lutz and Perez Hilton . Reni also has a small New York based modelling agency and is the founder of mother agency, Dream NY Management based in NYC. ( Instagram : @DreamNYmgmt )

He also scouts for and works closely with VNY modelling agency in NYC and is planning on collaborating in opening an office, with the owner the current owner, in New York, he says. Other then scouting models , he recently joined PMA Marketing and Communications agency in New York City where he is now head of talent and possibly pimping out more talent to predators. Although he may seem well connected and ” cool ” , Renie uses his contacts and connections to prey on naive young boys who think that he can get them to the next level. Reni has been known to lurk around during Runway Seasons at all the mens shows. You can find him attempting to try and get into parties in Milan, New York, Paris and London during Mens Show season. Reni also approaches young models and talent from other agencies over social media platforms and brags about his contacts and connections and promises them the world. He then invites the them to fly out to Los Angeles or New York to shoot them and hang out with him by bringing them to exclusive places where they would encounter other celebs and sexual predators. His go-to place in La is Chateau Mormont, where he exposes these young men to a more glamorous lifestyle to gain their confidence and trust. He spends countless hours approaching guys over instagram and tries to convince them to leave their primary management agencies, by making false promises. Reni has a financial backer who is also a predator and pays Renie to recruit talent for him. In-fact Reni spends countless hours trying to recruit talent for many sexual predators because he gains a commission on it. Once he gets them in a vulnerable and dependent state of mind, he attempts to sexually abuse them. Reni further plays dirty by threatening the reputation of these boys. Some of the talent he’s encountered, and sexually abused, are afraid to come forward and speak-up. It isn’t unheard of that he has molested even underaged guys from Eastern Europe, in-fact most of the raster he has on his recruitment agency website are eastern european. This sexually abusive predator uses his photography skills to get the attention from young guys. He does occasionally photograph female models an celebrities, but he targets young men ages 16-25, mainly new innocent faces. During shoots he gets sexually inappropriate. One Guy I knew was invited over to hang out with him and he then made sexual advances. A few of my good friends have been molested by him on numerous occasions , either on shoots where he’s grabbed theirs d1cks, or has tried to force them into fuking him or doing other sexual acts . If it isn’t him molesting them , he will gain their trust and then introduce them to other sexual predators who will pay him a finders fee so they can take advantage of these young men in exchange for money. Many of his victims have either left the industry or eventually find other management if he was managing them.Some have ket quiet because they don’t want to be exposed or perceived negatively for coming forward. Models and Agencies beware, I would just stay away entirely from anything he is linked to as he is a nasty sexual predator who likes to play dirty. Stay away from Renie Saliba, he is a sad, bitter, pervy queen.