Cheaters Reina Phon

Reina Phon — Wichita, Kansas

This little muskrat looking ho is a bold faced liar and a PETTY a55 theif, don’t allow her in your home and for damn sure don’t leave sh1t laying around for her to pick up. You see, this little musty mouth whore is a single baby mama (cuz the dude didn’t want her or her ugly baby and he made that perfectly clear, so now to get back at dude she’s trying to be a dude so she can be “the one in control”, but we’ll get to that part later) This lil girl’s jealousy and envious attitude towards others is off the charts, she’s constantly complaining about how she’s just a dirty baby mama and she can’t go to school or reach one goal or do anything to better herself or her life besides working a fuking cash register like a 16 year old spring breaker, So because she can’t do anything she’s constantly putting others down to make herself feel better, especially her co-workers, one of which is in school trying to make something of herself. Typical kansas ho, she has nothing else to talk about(seriously, NO. OTHER. CONVERSATION) besides how she hates this woman and “can’t stand” this woman because she’s on her way off the cash register and about to be a cosmetologist, and as I understand it this woman is working hard so that she can get upward mobility in life…you see, the thing is when that girl has moved on to a successful salon, dumb a55 baby mama Reina will STILL be at the cash register, and that’s where her problem lies. But I don’t really know this b1tch like that, she basically a stranger to me, but the understanding of her envy is clear because she talks about all her personal business with people she barely even knows, like a DUMMY. She has some pathetic pitiful clearly a lie story about how she got pregnant when the real truth (any grown woman who has dealt with d1ck will know better) is that dude dug her out and dismissed her a55 (and her child) hastily,( but on the other hand, based on all the personal business I was made privy to, and judging by the way her child looks and acts like she’s kind of slow, I think theres a possibility it might be an incest baby) so now she’s dealing with it by trying to be a dude and talk to women but the sad part is, even they don’t want her, and one reason that two people have let her know already is that the b1tches breath is HOT! Dragon hot…steaming hot yall. Speaking of smells, once I went into the b1tches triflin a55 house, and I was taken aback by a strange, pungent, but powerful odor….so since these people eat alot of weird sh1t and their food has the tendency to smell like vagina, the first thing I asked is “are you cooking?” so to that she answers “do you smell any food?” and in the back of my mind im thinking “Lordt, I have no idea WHAT im smelling! WTF IS THAT B1TCH!” Thankfully I went noseblind after awhile, but I still never got to the bottom of that smell, and for that reason I decided to decline her subtle sexual advance the next day, even tho she insisted she was clean and just got out the shower…but that smell could’ve been ANYTHING….so nah lol. Unfortunately Reina won’t be able to read this post because she’s so incredibly slow she has no basic understanding of english vocabulary, she’s constantly complaining about how words are too “big” for her to understand, but the thing is, to native english speakers who know the language, they really aren’t that big…She just can’t speak the king’s english and has the vocabulary of a 10 year old. You can put a ho in makeup, but you can’t disguise a skank! Im sharper than a shank and my marijuana stank, my life is like a work of art…her canvas looking blank 🙁 I sincerely hope she can add a little color, put some paint on her palette and find some goals for her life that don’t include laying on her back, or sitting in front of restaurants stupidly waiting on chicks who are lightyears out of her league and have no intention of sitting up with her stankin breath a55. unfortunately I don’t think that $50 is gonna help her situation, university tuition is alot more than that! But I guess to a strung out alcoholic $50 is a fortune lol. I would tell you to give the b1tch a piece of gum when you see her, but you might wanna give her 2….as a dental professional I can tell you sometimes those problems are hereditary. GOALS yall. GOALS. Real ones.