California Rebecca Walters

Rebecca Walters — Santee, California

Rebecca Walters was permitted to stay with a couple, only to rip them off, and cause relationship problems, later having an affair with the boyfriend! She’s an alcoholic, and spent her days being plastered beyond belief, on their sofa. She would only move to go on booze runs to feed her addiction, or for cigarettes, or a booty call with her ex. Then she would drink and pass out again. She stole money and property to feed her booze addiction, and attempted to blame the girlfriend, when the boyfriend noticed certain property and cash was missing. After proof of the girlfriend’s innocence was given, her story changed to ”leaving the door unlocked, so someone could have gone inside and stolen the items”.

Yes. Someone went into the home, cherry picked ONLY those items, and left expensive tv, game systems, video games, computers and other electronics alone. When confronted about the missing cash, she cried to attempt to gain sympathy and pity, swearing it wouldn’t happen again, after admitting to the theft. That didn’t last very long, as you can see. Luckily she has zero morals or standards, and will do what it takes to be the best slut ever, and fulfill her alcoholic needs. Her talents include: Lying, manipulating, sleeping with men already in relationships, and lying about it, hiding her behavior from people, ruining or attempting to ruin relationships, while promising to go away if her presence made a problem in the relationship (bonus), but she lied, so don’t hold her to what she tells you, thieving, feigning innocence, and lying to a judge about earnestly trying to improve herself because of how her actions can affect those around her(2nd bonus). Aside from manipulating and slutting around with this boyfriend, she also had various sexts and other behavior with at least one married man, and denied it to the wife, who had proof. When confronted, she will play the victim, and hasn’t been honest about her behavior, to people she seeks pity from, going so far as to claim people are “harassing” her, if they confront her on her lies and affairs with their spouse or boyfriends. In other words, she doesn’t like hearing to or admitting her own disgusting and pathetic behavior. She only goes for taken men, single fellows need not apply.