Cheaters Rebecca Lynn Kukulski

Rebecca Lynn Kukulski — Port St. Lucie, Florida

This 43 year old lush likes old geezers more than 25 years her senior and my ole man likes them as young as his daughter. This guy is pushing 70 and this must be about his 6th or 7th “Flavor of The Month”. I am extremely ill and dying and don’t have the physical or financial wherewithal to leave this cheating sonofabitch. The ONLY consolation of this sordid affair, is he slipped and let her know that he is married and she went ballistic on him, grabbed a knife and almost cut his little weeny off! If she had accomplished it, I would have loved to see how he would explain away a bloody crotch and no more weeny. She grabbed him forcefully though because now his teeny weeny makes a permanent left hand turn. I hear she comes into his job to just taunt him with her presence and he is so scared of her that he hides. Of course, he lied and denied he knows her, but after I told him I spoke to her (she denied it too) and mentioned the name “Rebecca” – he froze, cringed and a look of extreme dread and fear came over his face & eyes, and those devious eyes told me just what I suspected – that she was the crazy nutjob that almost completely circumcised him Lorena Bobbit style. I don’t know WHAT she sees in an ole bald geezer with body odor, no $$, dentures, deaf as door nail, and with equipment that doesn’t even work is beyond me. Some women are desperate. When I met him, he was in his prime. What is even funnier, she has been arrested twice on DUI and he can’t stand women alcoholics because he was married to one. He had surgery six months prior and it’s obvious that whatever the urologist did is now damaged since he has a permanent turn signal. I don’t feel sorry for him. I plan on haunting from beyond the grave.