Cheaters Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook — Spencer, Massachusetts

Rebecca Cook was fully aware that he was married. She sent naked pictures of the day and videos of her trying to pleasure herself. She prides herself on her bad boob job, veins in strange places and swallowing. She has no standards or morals. She will have sex in a married mans bed. I have noticed that most women on this site have similar traits as her, classless and desperate. Sadly she is a role model for a son, poor thing. She failed at getting the man and now I have the photos and videos and I can share them. Quite comical. My man is so ashamed and embarrassed about his behavior and the lies he told her about us. She was dumb enough to believe him. He shared that he would never have stayed with her. She dressed like a slut, spoke like hillbilly and was embarrassed by her. His children now know who she is and they find her repulsive. Her love notes written at about a seventh grade level. “I cant wate to start our new life together: girl men don’t marry w*****. Guys, have at her:forty, cheap, uneducated, fake, used, and desperate.