Cheaters Rebecca Amos

Rebecca Amos — Portvue, Pennsylvania

This isn’t gossip. It is fact. I have bore witness to her handy work for quite some time now, literally years. However this time it is more personal as she is ruining a friends marriage. Not to mention her husband is totally clueless! Let’s start some 17 years ago. She hopped state leaving her first husband back at home in Pennslyvania (she has been re-married a couple if times because she is the way she is). While away she spread her legs for quite a few men, who basically all got there turn. Than she got pregnant and ran back to her husband. Needless to say that marriage ended, and history repeats its self. Flash foward to now. History again repeats itself. She finally made contact with the babies dad. An affair ensued. This is her m.o. Now my friend sits suffering. Her husband threatens divorce if she tells Rebecca’s spouse. My friend is a truely good woman, who has a young child. She also has sacrificed everything to help this man through very dark times as he has aoda issues and mental health issues. He blames her for the affair, saying that she has become cold. He also refuses to acknowledge the damage he has caused as her reasons for building walls to protect herself from him, his actions and words. Majority of which is documented. She knows divorce is iminent, as he is very caustic to her. They were going to try and work things out however this bitch refuses to leave him alone, and now he refuses ti stop talking to her with the only exception being about the child who is 16. He says his wife is being controlling, he doesn’t see the trust issue. As recently as today she e-mailed saying she missed him. My friend knows this because he did show his wife the messages. Still refuses to end contact though. Rebecca swears up and down she is a good, christian woman, and devoute mother. If she was she wouldn’t act the way she does, put other families, and children at risk… she has shown her true character. After I did some googling I was able to find her telephone number and address. I am considering posting it here. I was also able to get some pictures, one if which was on her wedding day. Her husbands face was cropped out. As we all know, commitment, and vows mean so much to this Jezzabelle. She doesn’t deserve to be called a woman. A true woman wouldn’t act like this towards her spouse, or another woman. Rebecca gives good christians a bad name, and needs a scarlet letter.