California Reba Williams

Reba Williams — Bakersfield, California

This girl and I have known each other since we were 14. I became single and so did she. I started dating her ex in 2010 and soon after she got into a relationship with dude in the picture. Everything was fine until she messaged him and asked for a one night stand. He politely declined and asked what he should tell her in his response. He told her that he doesn’t have feelings for her like that anymore and that he will never give her another chance even if he was to become single. We got engaged and she popped up in his messages yet again. This time she told him that her mother bring him up on a daily basis encouraging her to win him back. She confessed to thinking about him more frequently even though she’s “in love” with the man she’s with. I have so much love, respect, and adoration for this man and how faithful he is. He shows me every message and has never wronged me, ever, within these years. As for her, she belongs on this website. Her mother taught her to be a HOMEWRECKING WHORE. She has no morals or self respect and neither does her mother. Every attempt to steal my man has failed and it always will. So for anyone in Bakersfield California, that comes across her, watch out because she will try to take what doesn’t belong to her.