Cheaters Raymond Brunyanszki

Raymond Brunyanszki — Portland, Maine

Mr. Brunyanszki who is well known in the Camden and Portland, Maine areas for owning the Camden Harbour Inn and Natalie’s Restaurant as well as Tempo Dulu in Portland and Danforth Inn has a habit of stealing another gay man’s husband. My husband and I have been married since October 2014. We had a wonderful marriage and partnership in life and we loved each other very much. We were committed to each other and our marriage until my husband started working in downtown Portland, Maine. He and I moved from Florida to Maine and were working on building a great life together. My husband was lonely for friends and reached out on social media for friends. Somehow he was ensnared by Mr. Brunyanszki. My husband who is much younger than Brunyanszki was told all the things he wanted to hear from Mr. Brunyanszki. However Mr. Brunyanszki did not tell my husband exactly who he was. He just told my husband he was a hotel manager. When I confronted my husband about this man, after my husband told me that Brunyanszki had kissed him in a downtown Portland garage, he was not aware that Brunyanszki was as well known as he is and that he is also married to his Camden hotel partner Oscar Verest. I am not sure what games Mr. Brunyanszki and Mr. Verest are playing with gay men but I must say they have destroyed our marriage. While my husband made a mistake by ever getting involved with this man, he was also vulnerable and taken advantage of by an older man that should be more respectable of others relationships and marriages. As for my husband, I love him with all my heart and soul and am wanting to stand behind him as well as work at making our marriage survive. I just hope the public will see what a dirty man Raymond Brunyanszki is and that customers of his business will boycott his hotels and restaurants, understanding how dirty this scoundrel is. Please mention this to everyone gay or straight that you know.