Canada Ravi Doobay

Ravi Doobay – Canada

Friday I saw my boyfriend and we went out to dinner and I had his phone and went through some of his older messages. I was going through his messages because a week before that I found out that he went clubbing when I went on vacation and we had made a promise to each other that we wouldn’t go clubbing without each other. He lied about it, and I found out from facebook that he went, but he doesn’t see it as such a big deal. I understand that his cousins were going and he wanted to go, the least he could have done was be honest about it. Anyways, while I was going through his phone I saw a message from this person “Brooklyn monte carlo” and she messaged him asking him if he was still coming and told him how it was $60 for 15 minutes and she messaged back saying yea he’s still coming and how it was $50 for 15 minutes and she told him the room number and then he went. So he lied and told me how he was just going to grab weed from her and he meant that he only had 15 minutes before he had to go back to work. But the message said $50 for 15 minutes, so I let it go, but I took down the number and punched it into the computer and found out there was a $50 special with the hooker. I called him on his lunch break and asked him and he broke down and started crying and told me that he got a blow job from her so I hung up. He keeps saying that he’s sorry, but when it comes down to it, he still cheated on me. I asked him if this was the first time that he’s done this and he said it was, but I find it extremely difficult to believe because he had the number saved in his phone. I also asked him if he went further than the blow job and he said that was it, but I don’t know how to believe that because he had her for 15 minutes and he paid $50 for it, he’s saying he only stayed for 5 minutes. He said he went there high and this happened on September 22 before he went to work. Last night I called him because I wanted answers and I told him to describe the whole thing about how he planned it out and everything and he said he was on the computer in the morning on September 22 and he found her number, went there, did that and went to work. I honestly don’t know what to do, I’m so confused, hurt, angry. Like how could he ruin 4 years, just like that? This wasn’t something that just happened this was planned; he found her number off of the computer and went there, knowing what he was getting himself into. When I asked him before he said that he just goes on the computer and messages girls randomly for fun, so I don’t know if this was the first time. He said he was stressed, so is everyone else but people aren’t doing what he did.