Cheaters Raul Portillo DJRaul

Raul Portillo DJRaul – Illinois

I left my husband Raul Portillo over year ago, after 20 years of marriage and three children I finally left. I stayed for my children because I thought they needed their father in their lives, which was a big mistake on my part.My husband because we are still married until the divorce is final, was a very selfish man. I discovered about his infidelities because I found emails, profiles to dating sites, face book messages, and text messages. His targets were family friends, childhood friends, cousins wives, his brother ex-girlfriends, his best friends ex-wives and anybody that he meet at bars. He also targets heavy set women (ugly women), because they are easy targets. He told me that all he had to do was give them some attention and they will do anything. I already had my suspicions of infidelities and when I found all of this I new for sure he was cheating.