Canada Rashelle Gauthier’s

Rashelle Gauthier’s – Vancouver, Canada

Rashelle needs to get some hobbies and stop with both exhibitionism and her extreme lack of self-esteem. Most probably she’s looking for validation and feels that exposing herself in different states of “revealing” is the quickest way to validation, it’s surely quicker than obtaining validation through actual achievements, or well thought posts. A quick Google search prompted me to some interesting articles. reports on a “ conducted by Oregon State University has found that when it comes to photos, women who post sexy pictures are judged as less physically and socially attractive, as well as less competent, by their female peers. The study, published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, zeroed in on what researchers describe as a “no-win” situation for young girls and women.” exposes the risks involved with such a behaviour. Personally, I believe it’s a sign of lack of self-esteem and, as for this particular point, I think it would be impossible to set a general rule, the lack of said self-esteem can stem from multiple reasons, it’s a strictly personal matter, but I think it’s safe to say those people might have a “hole” in their life, in their personality, and they think they’re filling it with likes, comments and followers. I think. Because it’s very hard for me to put myself in rashelles shoes, I really can’t see why she feels the need to be the object of the sexual desire of some perfect stranger somewhere in the world, or how this could possibly bring her happiness, I think it may temporarily anaesthetize the problem, until the next time, but it won’t fill that “hole”. I also think that this shameless behaviour is extremely dangerous. First because saving a picture off Instagram is only a few clicks away, so is sharing it somewhere else, maybe with name, surname and contact information. I think it can cost you your job or your relationships. Would you, as an employer , want someone who engages in this behaviour as a part of your organization? Would you, as the head maybe of a charity or a political party, want this person as a representative for your cause? Would you date a person whose intimate parts are so shamelessly exposed on the Internet? Even if they are old pictures, can the past, especially when it’s so public, haunt you and taint your current relationship? We may find many of these pictures innocent enough, as long as they’re not our partner’s pictures. It can seem fun while shes in her early 20s, but will it feel as fun when she will be in her 30s? Will she find it “cool”, as adults, finding their old sexy pictures plastered all over the Internet for strangers to consume them? Fame, ego, self indulgence, reassurance, wow factor… Attention of any kind is better than none for some people. It’s a reassurance that they are being paid attention to. There are different psychogical disorders that warrant those types of behaviors. Sexual acting out comes from the need to be wanted, loved, touched either from lack of, during the primary development years in life 0-3 or from inappropriately being shown affection in early years in life. Either way, a need is met when a person has an audience. The need to be seen! The reaction can be negative or positive as long as it happens.. Lets see, psychological disorders where people would commonly do obscene or post “illicit” pictures: histrionic, Bipolar, anti-social, schizophrenic, narcissistic, psychopath… these are just generalizations, there’s a whole nother realm to discover in accordance with these mental issues like what axis they are according to DSM. In summary, if we go to a regular beach and take all our clothes off , people are gonna turn and look, it’s not the norm! Anytime we draw attention to our selves in any way we are acting out for recognition. I think Rashelle needs to have her phone taken AWAY!