Cheaters Raquel Lopez

Raquel Lopez – New York

I want to inform the world about Nate Clory Jr and what he did to me and my children. It has taken me 9 months to tell my story on here. Deep breath…here goes… I was married to Nate for approximately 6 years and we have 2 beautiful boys together. Just 6 short months after giving birth to Nate’s second child, I packed 2 suitcases to go back to my hometown in Missouri to see my dad one last time before he passed away. Less than 12 hours after making love to my husband before leaving, he called my friend Nicole Osborne over to our home and had sex with this 300 lb whale in the bed he had just screwed me in. Within days, he began having an affair with a 20 year old girl named Shannon and he took her virginity in my bed after getting her black out drunk and having sex with her. Then Nate moved a guy named Dwain Graham into our home and rented out my property (my bed, my nightstand, my dresser and even my comforter and sheets) for money so that he didn’t have to work. Nate chose to do a community theater show instead of working and paying support for our children. He even missed his sons 5th birthday so that he could screw his girlfriend in our home. How do I know? Because he forgot that we had functional security cameras in our home and I have the pictures to prove it…which is how I found out. Meanwhile, the children and I were not allowed (by Nate) to return to our home so we were forced to live out of our suitcases for 3 months. Finally, Nate began openly having an affair with a transgendered looking girl named Raquel Lopez who works for Infinity Visual and Performing Arts out of Jamestown, NY. The way I found out about Raquel is because they blasted their relationship all over facebook while we were still married. And he even cheated on her already with Shannon by screwing Shannon in the parking lot while they were together. When Nate finally did leave Jamestown, NY to come see his children in Missouri, he showed up with sex marks all over his back. My 5 year old even asked Nate what had happened to his back. It was disgusting. Several times I asked Nate if he could keep the boys for a few days to give me a break from being a single mom and Nate said, “I don’t have time. Can’t you just give them to your mom or something”. I even begged Nate to be there for our sons first day of kindergarten, he declined because he was doing a community theater show with Raquel Lopez.