Cheaters Raquel Lopez from Bronx

Raquel Lopez from Bronx – New York

Raquel Lopez from Bronx, NY who works for Todd Wagner is dating my husband Nate Clory Jr. His phone number is 717-645-6104. She is a homewrecker and possibly transgendered. Married ladies please do not visit the Enchante Cabaret Dinner Theater with your husbands. I contacted her and she openly knows he is married and chooses to wreck families. If you are looking to hire her especially on broadway, please be aware that her boyfriend is my husband. He has not paid any child support and she still supports him. This dinner theater should have more tact and professionalism that to allow this behavior within their company. Todd Wagner should fire her but he obviously has no soul. Do not support infidelity. Do not go to anything at the Ray Evans Seneca Theater in Salamanca, NY.