California Raquel Guizado

Raquel Guizado — San Pedro, California

Raquel Guizado aka Roxy was hooking up with my cousins man, which my cousin and her man were together for more then 10yrs. When my cousin found out she contacted Raquel to have a woman to woman talk but this homewrecker wouldn’t answer my cousins calls. Raquel got pregnant while hooking up with my cousins man less then a month of hooking up with him. Since Raquel wouldn’t be woman enough to talk to my cousin and my cousins man would continuesly deny to my cousin that he even hooked up with Raquel, my cousin still broke it off with him because the truth is he cheated on her with Raquel. Ohh let me not forget to mention my cousins man was best friends since childhood with Raquels older brother. So the cheater and homewrecker didn’t want anything to come out right away about their hookups. Luckly my cousin left him and now pregnant Raquel is desperately waiting for him cause he just got locked up and won’t be back for the next two yrs. This homewrecker can have him. She’s going to give birth alone and when he gets back she can deal with his cheating and deceitful ways. In time KARMA will come for both of them.