Cheaters Raquel Cedeno Ross

Raquel Cedeno Ross — Brooklyn, New York

This woman Raquel Cedeno Ross had an affair with my husband knowing he was married. She was bold enough to contact me so I can be aware she was with my husband and did not care that we had a family and kids her entire agenda was to break us apart she wanted him for herself and was not going to stop until she had him by any means necessary. They had the affair for about 2yrs unbeknownst to me. I eventually found out she was spending money on him to keep his attention buying all sorts off expensive stuff which he hid most of the time until things apparantly was not going her way and she decided it was time for me to know. She contacted me about it in a vindictive way as to rub it in my face. I told her thanks for her concerns but i would handle it and spoke to my husband. Though we had dealt with the issue and we moved on… nope. That was not the case… a few months later bingo she appeared again. This time she was pregnant and wanted to give me all the dirty details once again. This woman has done this to other women before. I think it’s like a game for her to destroy families and peoples lives. Now an innocent child is in the midst of her drama.