California Ramon Jaime

Ramon Jaime – California

Ramon has been acting this way for years. Anyone who knows Ramon knows he cheats on his wife=roommate. He brags about it to everyone and loved to have this woman come around so he could show her off. He even invited her to his job quite often to meet coworkers or just hang out with them. She was not a hidden secret to anyone who knows Ramon. They were out in the public just as much as they were alone. She finally cut him completely off when she realized what a liar he is. His wife must not be paying attention or she knows but deals with it because she caught him a few years ago yet he still would risk his marriage by spending evenings, mornings whenever he could with this woman. He would sneak away at least weekly but sometimes several times a week to see her. All of the people in his life have spent time large amounts of time with her and Ramon. They were known as a couple in many public places. I have always heard that his wife will never leave him. I don’t understand this because Ramon has nothing to offer and his wife looks like an idiot to all who know him. Ramon will tell more lies to Anna and she will once again forgive him and stay. She deserves what she gets after forgiving for the second time. Both of these women better get std tests. I am sure she was not the only other woman and we know she will not be his last.