Arizona Ralph Griffin

Ralph Griffin – Arizona

His real name is Ralph Griffin…he told me it was Mike then I actually came across a female who knew him as Ali. I just blew it off because I had just met him and I thought he was cute..He has money and he kind of dumb. lol. so I thought. turns out his spelling is just bad and he sounds dumb. I was so pissed to get a call from his wife about a week ago. He didn’t deny it and in fact he cursed me out. Btw he likes to lie on her..she was very polite and well spoken. She actually sound too smart and put together to be with him. He is abusive and mean when he gets caught. He turned into a totally different person when I confronted him. Oh and hes a truck driver from Saint Louis and he said that’s all he know how to do…he is very uneducated and once I found out about his situation, his true colors came out. Beware ladies..he is 40 yrs old and lies like a child and likes to clearly make things up for attention.