Cheaters Rachelle Lynn Morgan

Rachelle Lynn Morgan — Atlanta, Georgia

Hi! My name is Rachelle Lynn Morgan. I’m a wife, mother of 2, cosplayer, Disney Princess impersonator, and B-movie horror actress. I’m not sure why you would pay to see my tits on screen, when I’ll send your husband them for free!! But I guess I’m stupid like that. While I’m at it, I might as well send him all sorts of dirty pictures of me masterbating too. In case you were wondering – I liked to get fucked up the ass. I’ll do it in graveyards all over Atlanta and even my own house. That puts a new meaning into backdoor fun!! I like to use my husband’s alleged abuse as a way to get sympathy from men. But don’t you worry. When he buys me things, he’s #besthusbandever!! I have no soul and am just biding my time until the zombies eat my brains. Won’t they be disappointed when they find out I don’t have any??!!