Arizona Rachel McDermott

Rachel McDermott – Arizona

Rachel McDermott is a very bad mother and a liar she prefers her daughter Adrienne with woman beaters or child molesters she allowed her daughter to be molested when she was little and was never home because she was always out drinking or partying leaving her kids to defend for them selfs she allowed her daughter to be forced to be with an illegal raped and beaten by him and when she had a child Rachel helped the illegal take that child from Adrienne she also allowed her to be beaten and neglected by another man and she had another child with that man who like Rachel didn’t care about the child now Adrienne is with a child molester and Rachel is happy because she’s not with a man that loved Adrienne and cherished her she lies about things trying to make her sound like a good mother but in reality she isn’t when she prefers her daughter with woman beaters or child molesters Rachel buys her other daughters food stamps to use for her special diet when it should be going to the kids her other daughter has be very leary of anything this woman says she will defend woman beaters and condem woman lovers she will lie to ur face and say completely different to others to make herself look good own it Rachel u prefer it daughter Adrienne with a child molester or woman beater rather then a loving man