Cheaters Rachel Bowlegs

Rachel Bowlegs – Pennsylvania

This woman is crazy. Has her fiancé convinced that she’s not still f****** other men behind his back, but she very obviously is. I’ve spoken to two people whose spouses she’s attempted and/or managed to sleep with and they’re convinced there were several more she was seeing in person and not just sending nudes. She’ll go after your husband or wife or dad. She doesn’t care so long as she thinks it will get her off. Got a tattoo that looks like something my 6 year old sister would draw which makes sense since she’s a DD/LG fanatic. She probably copied it out of her coloring book. Probably explains why her main target is married men with kids…she needs someone to change her diaper for her kink. Who better to go after than someone with experience? Funny when all it does is gross them out and give them reasons to NOT want to f*** her. Wannabe Instagram model with an ok body and butterface. Probably just whoring herself out for the extra attention. Almost feel for her fiancé but he’s left himself in that situation believing her lying a**. Just waiting until the pregnancy update she tries to pin off as his until it comes out looking nothing like him.