California Rachael Worsham

Rachael Worsham — Sacrament, California

So this is Rachael Worsham. If you don’t know her she can appear to be very sweet and innocent. Watch out though, trickery is her specialty. This girl bounces from guy to guy sponging as much as she can from them and when she can’t squeeze anymore from them drops them like a bad habit. She’s lazy and can’t keep a job and is just looking for a sucker to take care of her and her two kids. She’s 33 years old and still lives at home with mommy and daddy while she collects welfare. She’s a professional liar and is extremely well versed at playing the victim card. She will lie and twist stories and completely assasinate peoples good character for her own personal gain. No regard for anyone but herself. She also has no problem using her body to get what she wants. She’s quick to jump on the D-wagon and ride it to wherever she has to. She’ll pretty much let a guy do whatever he wants to her as long as he’s shelling money out. Her favorite hobbies are sucking d1ck and sending nudes of herself. Careful guys, this dirty girl is a pro. She’ll suck the life right outta you and leave you high and dry then disappear into the night.